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Services - Irrigation System Installations
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If you have an existing landscape or are planning on creating a new outdoor environment, you have to ask: How am I going to provide my plants or lawn with adequate water? New sod requires a uniform application of one inch of water per week during the growing season and even more in the peak summer heat. The same can be said about new trees and shrubs. Annuals, perennials, bulbs, and other ornamental plants also need various amounts of water during the year.

The question becomes, do you want to drag a hose around to ensure the proper application of water? Do you have the time? Will your neighbor do it when you are out of town? An irrigation system is the solution.

There are three main benefits of irrigation: convenience, lower maintenance, and healthier plant material. Heartland Landscape installs irrigation systems that are "zoned" to divide your landscape into areas with similar watering requirements. We design our systems to apply the proper amount of water to the "root zone" of the plants. A properly designed system will provide the landscape with a uniform application of water, with minimum runoff for superior efficiency. By using a timed system, your landscape is watered automatically and properly. All you have to do is enjoy!

Heartland Landscape Group uses only the best quality pop-up spray heads, bubblers, and rotors. We also utilize homeowner friendly controllers as the "brains" of your automated system. Additionally, we can install systems equipped with weather sensors which will keep your system from operating during periods of significant rainfall.

Whether your irrigation system will be supplied by a dock pump, well, or available city water, contact Heartland Landscape to set up a system that will fulfill all of your watering needs.

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