Erosion & Drainage Control

Drainage & erosion control problems
Standing water or puddling in your lawn may signify drainage problems.

Do you have soggy spots where those little puddles stand in your yard, leaving ugly dead grass or bare earth? Or do you find little gullies carving up your landscape design, leaving plants with roots exposed? If so, then you likely have erosion & drainage control problems.

We offer drainage and erosion control strategies to help keep your yard and property unharmed by the elements.

Here in mid-Missouri, we have many slopes and hills, many of them rather steep. They can challenge the health and safety of your lawn and property, as they can be significantly affected by runoff and erosion. Loss of topsoil can become problematic for your landscape.

Often we cannot see the immediate effects of erosion, but this does not mean it isn’t happening. It can be a slow and subtle process. We can help you identify problem areas of which you may not be aware.

Terraced retaining walls help to control erosion at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Furthermore, much of the rainfall in our area comes in heavy downpours. This causes a lot of runoff from our lawns, landscape, and hillsides. We can lose essential topsoil and its helpful nutrients and microorganisms.

A few tools we use to address erosion or drainage issues are retaining walls, terraces, riprap, mulching, and strategic use of grasses and other plants.

Many of the hills and slopes here at Lake of the Ozarks adjoin stream sides and shorelines. These areas are critical to keep intact.

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