Stone steps hardscaping & landscaping in Laurie, MO
Stone steps hardscaping with plant softscaping.

When you contact a professional landscape company to create a landscape design for you, your landscaper may use terminology that is new to you. Hardscaping and softscaping may be landscaping terms with which you are unfamiliar.  Your hardscaping (or hard landscaping as some call it) refers to those elements in your landscape which are inorganic or inanimate. Anything made up of stone, brick, metal, concrete, wood, etc., would be considered part of your hardscape. The part of your landscape that includes all plant life, like flowers and shrubs, is sometimes called softscaping. 

Implementing landscaping and hardscaping can transform your home or commercial property’s outdoor space into an attractive experience. Your outdoor space will undoubtedly become more beautiful through quality hardscaping. However, your space can also become more pleasant and conducive for outdoor entertaining and enjoyment. It can allow you to make the best use of your space for recreation and pleasure.

Hardscaping with terraces and retaining walls
Here is an example of Hardscaping with terraces and retaining walls.

Your hardscape includes structures like retaining walls, patios (whether stone, block, concrete, brick, etc.), natural stone or block steps, paths or walkways made of natural stone, pavers or gravel. Other common pieces would be structures like wooden gazebos, deck, arbors, etc. All these are excellent for maximizing livability, improving privacy, offering shelter, leveling your terrain, establishing or reinforcing boundaries, and even minimizing lawn maintenance.

Installing free standing walls can improve safety and privacy. Using decorative gravels, walkways or patios can greatly reduce or even eliminate lawn care. To view some of our hardscape installations and perhaps get some new ideas, click here.

It may surprise you, but even water features implemented in your landscape are considered hardscape elements. Click here to view some water features in our galleries.

Hardscape projects often fulfill dual purposes. They offer beauty and enjoyment of your property and outdoor space as well as providing functional uses, such as terraces or retaining walls to control and manage erosion.

Our professional construction teams are experienced and qualified to handle your hardscaping needs. We build with excellence and the highest quality, providing workmanship that is built to last.

Heartland Landscaping doing hardscape construction
Hardscaping construction at Lake of the Ozarks

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