A sink in a modern outdoor kitchen

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen: A Design-to-Dine Guide

Create a backyard you never need a vacation from!

Be the envy of all your friends and family with an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy the beauty of your home and landscape, all while never sacrificing comfort!

Read more to learn what’s needed to build an outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Where to start?

Homes with an outdoor kitchen can potentially see a return on investment of 100-200% on resale!

When designing your outdoor paradise it’s important to think not just of the counters and the floor, but of the entire backyard. 

Not all material will fit your style, so it’s important to discover which hardscape style is for you. Some people love the look of stone, while others feel most at home with tile, concrete or brick!

No matter your style, you will be one step closer to your dreams!

Before you build an outdoor kitchen, it’s vital that you begin planning where it will go. Creating an outdoor kitchen that is far from anything else may be nice for its seclusion, but it will be a pain when you need to go inside for anything. 

Therefore it is recommended to not build your outdoor kitchen far from your indoor kitchen for ease of use.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen: The Necessities

Before you can grill out in your own oasis you need to first design it!

First, it’s important to get your land surveyed. This will give you a better idea of how much space you will be able to use. It also will show you where any necessary electricity and plumbing will go. 

After figuring out your space, it will be time to begin designing the layout. Just like an indoor kitchen, you will want to design it to fit your life, planning counter space for food preparation, cooking space, cleaning space and finally the entertainment area!

Beyond the layout is the exciting part, because no kitchen is complete without appliances! You will need to pick the right appliances and furniture for your outside kitchen. Fortunately, you get to let your personality run wild, this is your space, after all, make it your own!

Finally, it is recommended to weatherproof your kitchen. Many kitchens use retractable canopies, and easily foldable sides, but you are free to do anything that fits your style!

Also, you should be able to rest and relax in your new, beautiful outdoor kitchen. When you build an outdoor kitchen, you can also build landscaping around your kitchen for low to no maintenance. Enjoy your time outside!

Is It Time to Grill?

An outdoor kitchen is an investment. 

Beyond that, it’s also an extension of your own home. When you build an outdoor kitchen you are almost creating more living space. Home should be your sanctuary, both inside and out. 

If you want to be the envy of all your neighbors and create a home that you can’t wait to come home to, allow us to help make your dreams into realities!

Now is the best time to plan and schedule your outdoor kitchen project.