Natural stone retaining wall next to a patio on hillside home at Lake of the Ozarks

Why You Need Retaining Walls for Your Lake of the Ozarks Home

Whether you live in Lake of the Ozarks or have a vacation home in this area, there is so much to love about being a part of this community. Each time you arrive at your home, you are surrounded by beauty. People come from all over the country to take advantage of our breathtaking views, fresh air, and a relaxed environment.

However, there are some challenges to living so close to a lake. The Ozark Hills make for a challenging landscape for homeowners, and many of our beautiful lake homes need retaining walls for their protection.

What Are Some Signs I Need a Retaining Wall?

Each home and property are different. Since building a retaining wall requires an investment of time and money, you want to be sure that you actually need one before work begins. Our team is happy to meet with you to discuss your property. In the meantime, here are some common signs that you might need a retaining wall.

  • You notice downhill erosion, which is extremely common in hilly communities like ours.
  • Your landscaping is regularly damaged by moving soil or water levels.
  • Your area regularly experiences high winds and/or dry soil. These factors increase the chances of erosion.
  • Your home is prone to flooding and you are in need of water control.

We deal with building and repairing retaining walls on a daily basis as the majority of lakefront homes in our area need these walls to prevent further damage and structural issues.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Professional Retaining Wall Installed?

A professionally designed and installed stone wall is one of the best investments that you can make in your property. Even if you are not currently dealing with serious erosion issues, having a correctly engineered retention wall installed is an important part of lakefront life in our beautiful hilly landscape.

Although you can’t control the geography of our area, having a retaining wall professionally installed puts you in control of the safety of your property. During heavy rainfall, water runoff can cause tremendous damage and destruction to your home and yard in a short span of time.

In order to prevent this, you need to take precautions before the next heavy rainfall occurs. This will enable you to control water runoff so that you don’t end up with a flooded basement or worse during the next storms.

Having a retaining wall installed is also an excellent way to increase the value of your property. Whether you want to stay put for a lifetime or you are interested in selling soon, you will enjoy the benefits of the wall installation.

Hire the Best Landscape and Hardscape Construction Company at the Lake

If you think your property is in need of a retaining wall at Lake of the Ozarks, we encourage you to hire a professional company with a reputation for excellence in our community. Our staff would be honored to speak with you about your needs and help you find a solution that meets both your needs and your budget. Get in touch with us today!

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