landscaping plants and mulch
Classic landscaping with plants and mulch.

For many people, when they think about landscaping they immediately think of plants like flowers, shrubs, ornamental trees, etc. Add a little mulch, decorative gravel and perhaps some kind of edging and you’ve created a simple landscaping design to upgrade the look of your property.

Eventually many seek a professionally designed landscape which will include changes to the terrain with some grading and construction. These landscape projects can help create functional and beautiful space for outdoor activities around your home or business.

Heartland Landscape Group can handle the planning and construction of your outdoor space to enhance the appearance and curb appeal of your home or commercial property.

Landscaping Options

Patio & Pergola
Pictured: Patio with pergola

When considering your landscape, you have a many options available to you. Some will want to add hardscape features like patios, retaining walls, etc. (See more about hardscaping projects here.)

Others wish to recreate specific styles, such as a tropical feel, a rustic motif or a modern look. You may like to include water fountains, ponds, pools or streams in your plans. Many like to incorporate outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, fireplaces and firepits so they can entertain outdoors.

The Landscaping Process

Landscaping combines elements of construction, science and art. At Heartland our landscape contractors can help guide you through the planning process and construction phase. You’ll be able to watch your project plans transform into beauty as your new design takes shape.

Landscape Planning

Landscape design & planningThe most common error made by DIYers is to begin elements of construction without a well devised plan. Your landscape plan will help gather your thoughts and ideas into a visual blueprint or design. This way, your projects and layouts will be created to scale so that your new landscape looks its best and satisfies your needs and wishes. Additionally, your plan will help you you address your specific problems, like drainage, erosion, hills, wind, space, etc.

Landscaping Ideas

If you are considering landscaping your residential or commercial property we recommend you check out lots of pictures for ideas. You can browse our picture galleries starting here.

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