Mulch Blowing Service

Mulch Blowing & Installation Service

Our customers have been asking us about mulch blowing service – and we are happy to announce that we now offer it! Avoid unsightly piles in your driveway, save precious time – and your back! Our mulch blowing service has the following advantages over manual mulch installation:

  • fast and efficient
  • evenly and neatly applied
  • you don’t lift a finger or strain your back
  • you get to enjoy your beautifully-mulched garden so much sooner!

Call Heartland Landscape Group today and we will handle your mulch order and installation, or schedule a free estimate. (573) 302-8866

Applying mulch is fairly well known procedure for most people. One generally purchases the mulch in bags from a local store or nursery. You must then open the bags and spread the mulch evenly over the soil.

Sometimes people will buy mulch in bulk and use a wheelbarrow or some other means to get it to the landscaping area or garden. Then you seek to smooth and even it out as much as possible around your plants. Either of these methods requires a good bit of manual labor, especially when covering a large area.

Mulch blowing is a remarkably more efficient means of distributing mulch over a large area. If you have a new landscape or a large areas requiring a lot of product, then mulch blowing is an attractive possibility.

So if you have a large mulching job to tackle, consider how you plan to apply it. It might be of benefit to you to take advantage of our mulch blowing services.

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