Low maintenance xeriscape yard with boulders, gravel, and indigenous plants

Best Landscaping Tips to Make a Low-Maintenance Yard

So you hate lawn and yard maintenance?  Looking for some simple ideas that can help you to park that lawnmower?  Or maybe you just want to minimize the amount of lawn you have to mow and keep trimmed.  There are many reasons for looking into a low maintenance style yard and here is a list of simple ideas that pack a powerful punch.

Meadow-Style Low Maintenance Option

Go native with a meadow-style yard.  This means to add the grasses and herbs that you would find in your area which grow naturally.  With this, you should add a bit of irrigation or a drip hose to add water from time to time. But, other than that, it is pretty much a maintenance-free lawn.  However, it will require having to be cut back in the offseason for some of the plants and a good clean up before they come back. And it’s even better to use perennials because they come back year after year.  Since perennials do not require you to replant each year, that means even less work during the planting seasons. Also, be sure to look for low maintenance perennials. There are some that flower, and although pretty, these will require more maintenance.

Mulch it!

Mulch is not just for the flower gardens. You can also use it in your veggie gardens and general landscaping areas to keep the weeds down.  Plus, mulch adds a nice splash of color and is perfect at keeping the weeds at bay. For the best results, you should put a thick layer of a few inches down, and this should be freshened up year after year for the best results.  But, once the mulch is in place the weeds typically do not bother it, if it is thick enough.


Replace the lawn in a porch or deck area.  Raise the flower beds to add a bit of green to the area but at a level that is easier to maintain.  There are many hardscapes that can be used such as tile, stone, or concrete. And, stone also comes in a wide variety of beautiful landscape pavers as well.  Stamped and stained concrete is also visually appealing and cost-effective, as well as being virtually maintenance-free!!


Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping that is gaining popularity due to its efficiency in saving water.  It calls for the use of indigenous plants that are as drought-resistant as possible. And the use of native plants in a xeriscape usually creates better landscaping appeal within your local geographic area. Many people think immediately of southwestern style lawn and landscapes when they think of a xeriscape, but in fact, your landscaper has a nice, wide range of regional plant varieties to choose from.


Mix these ideas together to get either less lawn care and maintenance or perhaps the look you have always dreamed of.  Grass is not the only choice you have when it comes to your yard, and thinking outside of the box can help you create an amazing space.  If you hate to mow the lawn and pull weeds, or just don’t have the time for it, get yourself a low maintenance yard and never look back.  Mixing hardscapes in with some mulch and low maintenance plants can really make a great statement, or create a beautiful xeriscape and you can have a wonderful place to entertain without lots of upkeep.

Talk to the best landscaping company at Lake of the Ozarks about your yard today!

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