Lush green lawn and nice landscape at Lake of the Ozarks

Fall Lawn and Landscape Tips for Missouri Homeowners

It is again that time of year in Missouri when homeowners need to start preparing their lawns for fall. Now we are all for maintaining a healthy lawn all year long, but your yard needs special attention during the autumn and winter months, especially if you care about them surviving and staying healthy.

Contrary to what many lawn and landscape professionals may have led you to think, taking care of your lawn is possible provided you know how and have the time. In this article, we’ll go over a couple of lawn care tips that any homeowner can use to ensure that their plants remain healthy through fall and beyond.

Fall Mulching

During the final few months before winter sets in, Fall is the ideal time to start preparing your lawn for the winter ahead. One of the best ways to ensure that your yard and plants remain healthy is with mulching.

It is the perfect time for mulching because it helps prevent the roots of your plants from freezing. It also helps the plants retain the required amount of moisture through the winter months.

All you need is to spread around 2-3 inches of hardwood shredded mulch around the plants. We’d caution you against using cheap mulch because they often contain diseases and can end up doing more harm than good. If it’s the grass you want to protect, then we’d suggest using fertilizer too.

Remove All the Dying and Dead Plants

One of the best front lawn landscaping ideas and an excellent way to prepare your lawn for winter is to remove all the dead and dying leaves, shrubs, and plants. While you’re at it, you’ll also want to remove all the dying and dead perennials and grass, too.

You should also remove all the dead blossoms from your hydrangea plants but be sure to leave the dead leaves alone because these will sprout in spring. Also, wrap delicate shrubs in burlap and make sure to surround all the vulnerable trees with a layer of shredded leaves, to help prevent them from drying up.

Water Your Plants Correctly in Fall

For your plants to make it through autumn and the winter months, you need to use the right watering technique. Your lawn isn’t going to need as much water in Autumn as it does in Summer and Spring. 

If you use too much water, it’s going to harm your lawn. So, you’ll want to reduce your watering routine to a minimum. Just water your plants twice a week mostly during the early hours of the morning.

Can you landscape in the fall?

One of the questions we often get asked is, “Can you landscape in the fall?” And the answer is that you absolutely can. In fact, for many at the lake, these can be the best months to do so. When Spring comes, you won’t see the signs of excavation and hardscape installation work. New grass and plants should be well-rooted and ready to become lush and vivid. Plus, you don’t have to try to maneuver your warm-weather schedule around construction workers.


The fall and winter months are when you should prepare your lawn and greenery to survive, and the above tips should ensure that they (plants) make it through what are often the most grueling months. Also, you should consider getting your hardscape work done during the offseason. Then when warm weather returns you can see everything in bloom in your new landscape and around your hardscaped areas so you can fully enjoy your lake haven.

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