Front yard landscaping featuring a stone walkway.

Fix Up Your Front Yard

Are you looking for some front yard ideas that will inspire you and help you create a new design for your front yard and make it look amazing?  Curb appeal is a very popular subject these days since so many TV shows now focus on it. And there is no doubt that it certainly does help with your property value and can even elevate the appearance of an entire neighborhood. Designing your front yard can be fun and even affordable for many homeowners.  However, there are some things that you should keep in mind as you prepare to renew and fix up your front yard and landscaping.

1. Make it functional.

Landscaped front yard with grassy area for kids and petsYards are meant to be used and to be played in.  If you have children you will certainly want to remember to give them enough grassy areas for them to play.  And the same goes for your four-legged friends as well. Because if you have them, you will probably want your pets to have some room to roam about, too. And just remember, those grassy areas will need to be mowed, so develop your landscape plan with this in mind.  There is also maintenance to consider, such as weeding and maintaining the shape of the shrubs as well, which means you need to have easy access to your plants. In your design, think about all your uses and tasks, and seek to make them as easy and simple as possible.

2. Map out the area.

As you think about your front yard landscaping, it is important that you map the area out.  Make a drawing so you have a better idea of what the area will look like. This can also help you discover other things that you would like to add. Your map will show where the flower beds and other areas of interest will go and it will give you a good visual.  And this will also allow you to lay the hardscape designs as well, such as any walkways, raised flower beds, rock gardens, and other focal points or areas of interest. So it is important to create a good visual plan from which to work.

3. Do your hardscapes first.

Hardscaping with terraces and retaining walls

If you plan to have driveways, walkways, retaining walls, or other hardscapes installed, you need to plan to build those first.  These are the “backbone” of your front yard’s landscaped look and should be installed before any plants are put in place.  Not only does this keep your plants from getting ruined, but it can change your ideas for their placement.

4. Choose your greenery.

Once your new hardscape projects are all in place it will be time to decide what kinds of plants to use that will fit with the flow of your walk areas and focal points. Choose plants that are hardy and will thrive in your particular climate. Many DIYers unknowingly choose plants that are not the best fit for their area and they are quite disappointed when their new foliage doesn’t grow well.  

There are all kinds of different foliages and plant types.  So be sure to choose ones that complement each other as well as those that require the same type of soil. And, of course, check to see what kind of light the plants will need in order to thrive. These things will help you determine if they are right for the area where you want to put them.

5. Pay attention to the size of the plants.

Landscape & Landscaping Stone Wall

Larger plants should be planted towards the back or against the house or building to allow for smaller plants to be seen. This is a simple technique that most professional landscaping companies do.  And, if the planting area is round or oval, the taller plants should be in the center, with the lower plants around the outer perimeter.

Here’s an important note for small trees and large shrubs.

Do not plant small trees or large shrubs too close to the house. We see this happen all the time. As the trees or shrubs grow, their roots will put slow pressure on your foundation, and the limbs or branches grow up against the house. Imagine the size and shape your plant at maturity and make certain to leave enough space for it to look natural and not interfere with your home.


So when you want to improve your homes curb appeal and dress up the front yard, you have never had more easy options available than you do right now.  There are not only plants and hardscapes, but benches, water fountains, boulders, and garden statuary to consider as well. There are just so many unique design ideas that we are sure you’ll find some that you love.  

Make the most of your front yard by going to Pinterest and taking a look at the various designs you can find there.  And be sure to check out our ideas gallery here. Add your own special touch to get the look that is perfectly yours. Hope you have enjoyed these front yard fixer-upper ideas.

Call today and ask us about fixing up your front yard!

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