High angle view of a stylish outdoor kitchen, gas barbecue and dining table set for entertaining guests with formal place settings and flowers on a paved patio

5 Creative Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen Plans

There comes a time with almost every homeowner when they look into expanding their house. They ponder what they could do and a few interesting ideas roaming the internet have brought them to consider an outdoor kitchen.

At Lake of the Ozarks, there is gorgeous weather and scenery to enjoy, so why not build a place to enjoy it? This is where we come in, eager to help build your outdoor kitchen plans.

Not sure where to start? Let’s break down some creative thoughts on what your new outdoor kitchen could include.

1. Expand More Than the Kitchen

For many, a kitchen is at the center of the party. Not only does all the food come from there, but the whole family often mingles and socializes right around it. It’s a common trend, so why not become a part of it?

You can expand the kitchen as far out as you want, so why not add in an outdoor dining room? Some chairs to sit and chat while the food cooks can be great. 

Go all in and make a big banquet table to sit at or break it down into several little tables for a casual party.

2. Theme out Appliances and Materials

The theme of any room can go a long way to making it feel like a part of your home. This also applies to your outdoor kitchen, right down to the appliances.

You can go for sleek stainless steel appliances with a smooth floor and counter tiling. This makes for a wonderful modern feel to the space.

Another option is to create a rustic appearance, adding wood features along with high-end natural stone for your outdoor kitchen. Your options are endless!

3. Add Fun Lighting for Late Night Cooking

Don’t forget the lighting in your outdoor space! You have plenty of sunlight during the day, but cooking into the evening can be a common occurrence and there is no reason to end the party early.

You may also consider a covering to protect your new expansion from harsh weather. That makes some sort of lighting a must. Pick a light source that works with your theme!

Custom outdoor kitchen lighting on a patio at night.

4. Don't Leave Out Appliances

Some might think of an outdoor kitchen and only focus on outdoor things, like grills and mini-fridges. You can think bigger!

Why go back inside to do dishes when you can put the sink and dishwasher outside? Why split the meal between grilling and baking when an oven can be right there? The possibilities are endless!

5. Coordinate and Blend With Your Yard

The last tip may feel obvious, but many miss it. If you are expanding out into your yard, why not consider some additional landscaping to help compliment your new addition? A lovely garden in your backyard can wrap right around your new outdoor kitchen.

If you have a nice pond, consider making that space as a natural divider between your kitchen and other areas. Plant a nice flowering bush nearby to enjoy at as you prepare dinner. Incorporating nature can be a very rewarding design experience.

Making Your Outdoor Kitchen Plans a Reality

Inspired by these creative tips? Ready to go forward with your own outdoor kitchen plans? There is a lot you can put into this to make it your own, and we are ready to get it going for you!

We here at Heartland Landscape Group, Inc., believe in offering the best for your family and your home. There is so much you can accomplish and we’ll be there every step of the way. Contact us today for more information.

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