Backyard living space with a covered pergola accented with low voltage landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting Design: How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space

You’ve invited your new neighbors over for a late dinner out on your patio. The problem is, once they sit down no one can see each other or the food.

What an embarrassing way to make a first impression.

The right landscape lighting design will save you a world of embarrassment. It will also boost your home’s curb appeal.

There’s never a wrong time to makes plans to improve your yard. Sit down this weekend and make a list of areas you want to highlight after sunset. Use this handy outdoor lighting guide to help.

Make a Lighting Plan

Outdoor lighting not only makes your home look better but also offers a little security, as well. Your plan should cover a few specific places, such as:

  • Dark corners in your yard
  • Any gates leading into the backyard
  • Windows
  • Doors

Attractive low voltage lighting alongside a walkwayExternal lighting is a key safety feature for your yard. If you’ve got stepping stones or stairs, make sure you include lights in these areas. Your family and guests won’t hurt themselves if the area is lit properly.

Do you have a favorite flowerbed or tree in the yard? It’s hard to enjoy their vibrant colors in the dark. Adding lights in the flowerbed and trees allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty any time of day.

Don’t forget to include patio or porch lights in your landscape lighting design. This way your guests can see each other during late-night visits.

Choose the Right Lights For the Job

Putting up a bunch of floodlights in your yard isn’t the best way to highlight its beauty. Each area you include in your plan will need a certain type of lighting to get the best results.

Solar lights illuminate a backyard landscapeThe types of outdoor lighting fixtures include:

  • Bullet spotlights
  • Wall washers
  • Path lights
  • Well lights
  • Floodlights
  • Downlights

As for the light bulbs themselves, the best choice depends on the color of light and desired brightness. 

LED lights last 15 to 25 times longer than other bulbs and use less energy. The only drawback is most LEDs emit a cold blue light.

Some homeowners feel that LEDs don’t produce enough light to illuminate the front of their house properly. Many opt to use halogen lights for this area, instead.

What You Need to Know About the Installation Process

While planning your exterior lighting, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, high voltage lighting systems will require the lighting installers to bury the electrical cords. These trenches will be about 18 inches deep. You will also need a permit before the installer begins work in your yard.

If you want to avoid cords altogether, there are solar light options available. The downside to these is as winter arrives, they aren’t as effective. Solar lights also use LEDs, which limits your light color options.

Wow Your Neighbors With Your Landscape Lighting Design

Make your home the envy of others around the Lake of the Ozarks area. Good lighting design will make your lake home stand out from all the others.

Heartland Landscape Group, Inc. has a team of highly trained professionals ready to help. Contact us today to begin working on your customized landscape lighting design.

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