Dry creek bed and landscaping to address water drainage issues

A Homeowner’s Guide to Manageable Yard Erosion and Water Drainage

Every year, Osage Beach gets an average of about 40 inches of rainfall, which is a few inches more than the national average!

All of this rain combined with the hilly, rocky soil of Lake of the Ozarks can cause yard erosion problems!

Fortunately, there are both landscaping and hardscaping water drainage solutions that will look great and keep your yard intact.

Read on to learn more about the water drainage methods that will prevent yard erosion from destroying your yard!

Landscaping Water Drainage Options

If you have serious erosion issues, you’ll want to bring in professional landscapers. Landscaping is the process of using natural elements, such as shrubs and trees, to create a yard that is both beautiful and functional.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are a great solution for yards that suffer from pooling. To create a rain garden, your landscaper will create a runoff path that guides water from high points in the yard to a lower point. That water then feeds plants that are native to the area (and will thrive in Missouri weather), create anchors in the ground that hold the soil in place, and require large amounts of water to survive.

Creek Beds

Creek beds offer a similar solution to rain gardens except that the goal is to allow the water to pool in a designated space rather than sink into the ground. Your landscaper can populate the sides of the creek bed with gorgeous, low-maintenance plants that turn this area of your yard into its very own eco-system!

Hardscaping Water Drainage Options

Hardscaping is the process of adding non-living design elements to your landscape such as stone, wood, and brick. Professional hardscaping can also create water drainage solutions that will prevent erosion from getting out of control.

Retaining Walls

One way to keep soil in place is to install retaining walls around sloped areas or stairs. Building retaining walls into a sloped lawn will allow you to raise the level of the land at the bottom of the slope to create a more even surface. That way, the rain will fall evenly across your lawn rather than slide downward, pulling dirt with it.


Terracing your yard is a great way to create more durable gardening space without having to worry about runoff water disturbing the soil and plants. A terraced yard is divided into leveled, descending plateaus or steps. Each step absorbs rain directly so that the soil can absorb it rather than get swept away by it. 

Terraces are versatile and can be used to create unique seating and entertainment areas in addition to gardening space.

Stop Erosion at Lake of the Ozarks

If you live at Lake of the Ozarks and need help establishing a better water drainage system to avoid erosion in your yard, Heartland Landscape is here to help. Our water drainage solutions aren’t just practical; they’re works of natural and sculpted art!

To get started on your landscaping and hardscaping projects, contact us with any questions or requests you have.

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