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See the Hottest Lake of the Ozarks Landscaping Trends for Your Home!

Do you love living at Lake of the Ozarks? If so, you should give your home a makeover!

How should you spruce up your home? Home landscaping gives more of an impression than you think.

More homeowners are investing in landscaping services to keep their yard looking inviting. Because of this, the landscaping industry is averaging a growth rate of 3.3%.

Are you interested in landscaping but aren’t sure what you want your yard to look like? This year welcomes many beautiful landscaping trends that will look amazing with your Ozark home.

Here are the hottest landscaping trends right now.

Simple Landscape Designs

Minimalism will never go out of style. Simple landscape design ideas are ideal for all homes and can fit the style preference of any homeowner.

Plants with long lifespans are key when choosing minimalist greenery. For the best results, choose new garden plants or plants that are native to the Ozarks. Pick a simple waterfall or a sculpture if you need a touch of artistry.

Geometric Hardscaping

Ornate hardscaping is always a trend. But if you’re looking for a specific design, choose geometric hardscaping.

You can choose something classic like a lattice design or basket weaves. A complex chevron pattern is also an ideal option.

The best aspect of hardscaping is it can be applied anywhere. You can create an impressive walkway, a stylish retaining wall, and even an entire patio.

Gardens are going strong

Gardening is more popular now than ever; specifically, more people are growing food. 1 in 3 people are growing their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

How can a landscaper help you with your newfound gardening passion? They can add free-standing garden walls, as well as décor pieces such as a stone walkway, a pond, and even more garden design ideas.

Blue is in!

Blue is the color that’s in this year. If you want to incorporate blue into your landscape, you have many options. Start with water — water fountains, ponds, and streams will all add a pop of blue into your yard.

You can also opt for blue flowers. Delphinium, blue fortune, and grape hyacinth are all beautiful blue flowers that grow well in the Ozarks.

Pennsylvania Bluestone is a popular blue color in hardscape flooring tiles.

Find Your Own Style

While there are many landscaping trends this year, it’s important to find your own landscaping style.

The best landscaper will offer a variety of services for every home. Whether you want an outdoor kitchen or better landscape lighting, the best landscaping companies offer it all.

Do you have an idea or a theme? Share this with your landscaper! From a rustic backyard to a tropical oasis, a landscaping company can transform your Ozark yard into anything you want!

Get Inspired by These Landscaping Trends

Do you want to start a landscaping project but aren’t sure what you want your yard to look like? Get inspired by these amazing landscaping trends! From hardscaping to adding a pond, landscapers can achieve all of these landscape ideas.

If you live at Lake of the Ozarks, we are the best landscaping company in the area. Contact us today!

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