Highlight Your Home & Landscape with Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some drama and emphasis to your home and landscape, low voltage outdoor lighting is a great option. As the name implies, this type of lighting is low voltage, so it is generally safe and can be done without much interruption to your main electrical supply.

This type of lighting provides a softer, more pleasant alternative to floodlights, which can be harsh and glaring. These lights are strategically positioned to show off plants and landscape features that you want to be highlighted.

Additionally, they can be used as a safety feature to illuminate paths, steps, and other dark zones. When done correctly, these lights can highlight your landscape in a beautiful and artful way.

Why Choose Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting?

There are many reasons why installing LED landscape lighting is a great option, we highlight our top reasons why they’re the best choice when it comes to illuminating your landscape:


If you’re looking to add outdoor lighting to your home, your likely doing so to enhance and highlight the beauty of your landscape. The bulbs used in this type of lighting have a higher color quality as well as smaller fixtures that blend in better and are less noticeable when compared with other lighting systems.

With this landscape lighting system, you benefit from having the option to arrange and rearrange the bulbs anyway you choose. It allows for both up lighting and down lighting, which gives you an extra element of flexibility in your design.

The best part? You get to enjoy your outdoor space and gorgeously maintained landscape day and night.


Another important reason why choosing this system is a great option is its safety. Running these lights requires only 12 volts as opposed to alternatives which require 120 volts. The super low current used to power this system is essentially harmless to the user, which minimizes cases of electric shock.

Additionally, illuminating your yard can help deter criminals and other unwanted people away from your home, thereby enhancing your security. Most criminals will avoid homes that are well-lit for fear of being seen.


These systems are both affordable in terms of installation and general maintenance. Due to the simplicity of the system, fewer materials go into the installation which equates to more money in your pocket.

Low voltage lighting can also help to minimize your utility costs, which allows you to save more money and use less energy, so it’s a win-win!

Easy Installation

In comparison to other lighting systems that require higher voltage, these systems are much easier to install. High voltage systems usually require a permit from the local authority to authorize the installation, which leads to increased costs and time.

Low voltage lighting systems require that the cables be placed above or below the ground, at a depth of your choice, with a functional transformer. With a high voltage system, you are required to bury all lines as deep as 18 inches or more which makes installing the system a bit trickier and more time-consuming.

Installing low voltage landscape lighting to your outdoor space is a very advantageous way to add cost-effective beauty to your landscape. Give our team a call today to set up your outdoor lighting consultation!

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