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The Top 5 Best Retaining Wall Design Ideas

At Lake of the Ozarks, our natural surroundings are stunning. So you should make sure your retaining walls are just as beautiful.

Adding a retaining wall can change the appearance of your home and add value, too. You’ll get an eye-catching feature in your yard that will have your friends and family jealous.

Installing retaining walls in our region of the country also allows you to even out the rugged ground so you’ll have more usable yard space.

There are numerous designs to pick from, but we’ve highlighted 5 of the best so that you can work out which one suits your property.

5 Retaining Wall Design Ideas

No matter what your design preference is, there’s a retaining wall design to match it. You can mix and match materials, and there’s no need to limit yourself to boring, old concrete blocks.

Natural stone used as a retaining wall at Lake of the Ozarks

Circular or Curved

Circular designs work best when you want to add a flower-bed feature. You can also use them around existing or new trees so that they become a highlight of your yard. Circular retaining walls are not, generally, built to change the overall landscape of your property.

Curved retaining walls offer the same aesthetic appeal as a circular wall. They also provide retaining support for larger landscaping projects. Curved walls also allow homeowners to add plants and flowers because the curve creates a potential plant bed area.


For bigger projects, terraced walls work well. If you have a steep or long slope in your yard and you want to level things up a bit, a terraced retaining wall gives you the flexibility you need. Terraced walls also avoid large expanses of concrete or blocks that can look unsightly.

You can design a terraced retaining wall with almost as many levels as you want. The terrace provides the stability you need. You can use this design for small height adjustments or much larger ones.

Stone Blocks

Using stone for your retaining wall ties the feature into the local landscape. Choose a stone that matches our local environment and the wall will look like it’s been part of the area for years. The natural appearance enhances the visual appeal of your retaining wall.

If you choose large stone blocks you can design a retaining wall in almost any shape or size. But you can also vary the size and shape of the stone itself to create a more natural look. 

Natural stone retaining walls make a statement about your home. Attractive retaining walls built with stone will give any home a definitely upscale look. The finished product will make you so glad that you chose real stone!


An arched retaining wall is all about the look. Generally, these walls add height and shape to an otherwise boring, flat piece of land. In some ways, they are the opposite of most retaining walls because they aren’t meant to make the land more usable. 

You can build an arched retaining wall with any material. They will create an eye-catching feature because of their shape and unusual appearance.

Feature Wall

A feature wall is another retaining wall that does not serve the purpose of supporting the structure of the land. However, they are growing in popularity because of their style.

Designs of feature walls are starting to include multiple materials. Mixing wood with stone or brick is trendy. At Lake of the Ozarks, a beautifully designed feature wall could add a dramatic visual element to the natural vista at your home.

Add a Well-Designed Retaining Wall

With design styles like these, a retaining wall can be pleasing as well as a functional element of your yard. 

No matter your style preference or kind of materials you like or your budget can stretch to, we can help you add a retaining wall that enhances your home.

Contact us today or stop by our showroom to learn more about how we can transform your Lake of the Ozarks home.

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