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5 Amazing Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for 2020

You’re looking to establish a fire pit at your summer home, but you don’t want to settle for a simple ring of metal. You want something elaborate; something that will add aesthetic value to your property. 

That said, you’re in need of some fresh ideas. That’s why you’ve come here, to find a little help. Fortunately, we can provide it to you. 

So, without further ado, here are 5 amazing backyard fire pit ideas for 2020.

1. Add Stones to It

If you want to give your gas fire pit a high-end and exotic look, you should consider putting stones in the flame area. By filling your fireplace with stones, you can create the illusion that fire is bursting straight out of a solid surface. 

There’s no limit as to the types of stone that you can add to such a fireplace. Whether it’s travertine, granite, limestone, or otherwise, it will provide your fire pit with a unique and inviting look.

2. Sink It Into the Ground

Most fire pits are either elevated or even with the ground. As such, a good way to make yours unique is to sink it into the ground. 

But sunken fireplaces aren’t just unique for aesthetic purposes; they’re unique for functional and safety purposes as well. Because they sit lower to the ground, they catch less wind. And since they catch less wind, they run a lower risk of spreading their flames to surrounding areas.

3. Surround It With Water

Fire pit on a natural stone pedestal surrounded by a water fountain
Fire Pit combined with a Water Feature

If you really want to impress your guests, you should consider surrounding your fire pit with water. 

This can be achieved either by building it in the middle of a fountain or by pooling water beneath the fire pit’s flame. 

If you plan it out right, you could even make it appear as if the flame is springing from the water.

4. Build It Into a Table

Another option is to build your natural gas or propane fit pit into a table. This can be achieved by adding the pit to the middle of the table’s surface, turning it into an amazing fire table. You have the option to either elevate the pit on the surface of the table or sink it into it the table’s surface so that you can look down into it.

5. Supplement It With a Grill Surface

Want your fire pit to be more than just an aesthetic marvel? Interested in using it for cooking as well? If so, you should consider supplementing it with a grill surface

There are a number of ways to integrate grill surfaces into your fire pit. You could dangle a grill surface above the pit, build it into the fire pit itself, or utilize a temporary grill surface.

Ready to Put One of these Backyard Fire Pit Ideas into Action?

And there they are, 5 of the top backyard fire pit ideas of 2020. Interested in putting one of these ideas into action? We here at Heartland Landscape Group have you covered. 

Regardless of the aesthetic, you’re looking to achieve, we can accommodate you. Contact us now to discuss your project!

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