Beautiful Backyard Fire Pit and Seat Wall

7 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas – Landscaping Your Home Hideaway

There are lots of backyard fire pit ideas landscaping lovers are building into their outdoor living spaces. Fire features are extremely popular among people who love the outdoors. Imagine sitting in your own private retreat beneath the stars, sipping coffee or hot chocolate as you relax or visit with those you enjoy spending time with.

7 Fabulous Fire Pit Design Ideas to Dream About

If you want to add some backyard fire pit ideas into your landscape, you can have all kinds of wonderful times and create pleasant memories with your friends and family. Here are seven considerations to get your mind thinking and your heart dreaming!

1. Portable Smokeless Fire Pits

Popular landscaping designs and plans that can be transformed into a user-friendly backyard fire pit include everything from a small metal ring to a large fire boulder to a large custom stone fire pit integrated into a patio. 

There are many custom backyard fire feature ideas that you can find today that have been uniquely designed by innovative designers.

One of the newest is the Solo Stove smokeless fire pits. These are attractive portable units with technology that helps them burn wood efficiently while eliminating the smoke.

2. Fire Tables

Other backyard ideas that are gaining popularity are portable fire pit tables. These beautiful pieces are a great way to easily incorporate backyard fire pit ideas to your existing patio, outdoor kitchen, or even in an outdoor living room space.

Furthermore, you have the added flexibility of being able to purchase fire tables designed for either indoor or outdoor use. They create an added elegance to your backyard landscaping.

3. Fire Bowls and Fire Pots

Concrete fire bowl on patio with natural greenery and a lake in the backgroundSome portable fire tables even come in the form of a Fire Bowl. You may be wondering, “What is a Fire Bowl?” 

Though some do not think of them as fire pits, their beauty and elegance certainly place them in the higher-end spectrum of fire features. 

Sometimes, they are also known as Fire Pots. You have likely seen one but perhaps didn’t know what it was called. 

Like a fire table, they wonderfully provide a desirable fire feature without the smoke by using either propane or natural gas as fuel. Their stylish designs offer many creative options and usages. And smaller versions can even be used indoors.

4. Brick Fire Pits

Brick fire pit designs are very popular. They are usually rectangular or rounded. You can create your chosen brick fire pit designs in various colors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fire pits made from bricks. Stone borders can be added around the outside or inside to give it an extra bit of panache.

5. Custom Build with Natural Stone

Natural stone fire pit and patio in Laurie, MO
(Picture: natural stone fire pit and flagstone patio)

Another great way to incorporate artistic fire pit ideas in landscaping is to use natural stone or masonry blocks to create a custom fire pit. There are many different colors, shapes, and sizes of rocks or kiln-fired brick pavers that you can choose to design your fully custom fire pit.

You can design and build your own amazing fire area on your patio, and as large as you want. Plus, you can even build seating around the outside or inside of the unit. 

Some people prefer to match their home’s style and their existing hardscapes and landscaping. And you can even design your entire patio or outdoor room around the unit. In addition, natural stone fire pits will add long-lasting appeal and value to your property.

6. Why settle for just one?

Incorporating fire pit design ideas into your outdoor space is limited only by your imagination. If you’re looking for a grand way to develop and enhance your backyard landscape design for large gatherings, why not consider having a few outdoor fires burning? Take advantage of the evening hours with large gatherings of business associates, friends, and family where everyone can enjoy a cheerful fire.

So, rather than having one very large fire pit, you can have seating and snacks around smaller fires spread out over a wider area. This type of multiple fire pit arrangement makes an impressive statement. With backyard design ideas like these, there’s no end to the fun you can have!

7. Plans and Kits

If you’re interested in building something that looks handsome and distinguished, there are a lot of beautiful designs available. There are a number of online sites where you can find free plans for backyard fire pits. There are also plans that come with a price tag. If you want a design that doesn’t require a lot of work on your part, you might want to check out pre-made designs and fire pit kits that can be easily shipped to your door.

There are many choices available so you can choose between a wood-burning fire or a unit that uses propane or natural gas. Both types will produce nice heat. Gas fire pits are easier to clean up and don’t have to be vented outside. However, you must still build your pit using proper safety measures. The cost of the unit will depend on the size and type of unit you get.

Fire Glass to Enhance Your Experience

Why not go one step further and enhance your entire fire pit experience with Fire Glass?

Fire glass beads in a copper fire bowl with a built-in water fountainNow you can ditch those old ceramic logs for gorgeous new alternative materials and colors available to provide stylish and dazzling fire and ice accents. In addition to black lava rock, black or obsidian volcanic glass is quite popular. For brighter splashes of color, you can try reflective fire glass or fire beads. 

In addition to smooth fire glass pebbles or beads, there are naturally shaped fire glass crystals whose shape gives the appearance of small stones on fire.

These spectacular alternatives offer colors across the spectrum ranging from dark and matte hues which are great for bringing sedate balance to the moody greens. Other popular combinations pair prismatic clear crystals with cobalt blues and purples to bring watery colors to life for enchanting contrasts to your flames. The sky’s the limit when it comes to elevating your experience with fire glass.

Ask the Fire Pit Design and Build Experts

While some of the concepts we’ve mentioned for fire pit ideas landscaping can be done fairly easily on your own, others can require the expertise of hardscape professionals. Heartland Landscape Group can help you build your dream.

Contact us to speak to a friendly local design-build expert in landscape and hardscape construction at Lake of the Ozarks.