Rustic barn-style home by patio with colorful umbrellas, near a large boulder retaining wall with landscaping greenery and trees

Winter Hardscape Projects for Lake of the Ozarks Missouri Homes

Even though it’s getting colder, that doesn’t mean that you can no longer make excellent use of the off-season here at the Lake to implement some nice hardscape projects in your yard.

Most hardscape projects can be worked on throughout much of the winter here in Missouri. Retaining walls, walkways, fire pits, stone stairs, and driveways (just to name a few) can all be done provided the ground doesn’t freeze deep down.

In fact, working on these types of hardscape ideas and projects through the winter cold season allows you to make good use of your time so that you can entertain or enjoy your yard during the warm season next year.

Landscape and Hardscape

Many times when people think about landscaping they are thinking mostly about the various ground covers, plants, trees, and bushes. However, hardscapes are also a major part of your overall landscape design. In fact, a good comprehensive plan will include all the elements for both landscape and hardscape features.

This is a great time to think through your entire landscaping plan.  If you don’t have a plan, then that is your first step toward creating your ideal outdoor living space.  Do you dream of having an outdoor kitchen adjacent to your patio? How about an outdoor living room with a fireplace? Winter is a great time to gather your hardscape ideas, make a plan, and get started.

The Lay of the Land

Lawn terraces with raised flower beds help slow rain drainage and erosion beside a house with a sloped yard.

Some of your hardscapes will be necessitated by the lay of the land.  These may be large retaining walls, terraces, or driveways.  We all need a driveway, however, there are many landscape materials that can be used for the driveway.  Most people typically default to asphalt or concrete.  However, you have more options such as pavers, flagstone, cobblestone, or outdoor porcelain paving tiles.

Paving is a great choice for hardscaping your driveway. You can use concrete or stone pavers, which are more durable in all kinds of weather and preferable for easy maintenance. Repairs are easier, too.

Another great option is flagstone for more color and texture diversity. Flagstone is a good way to capture a rustic look for your driveway, entryway, sidewalks, or patio.

Firepits and Outdoor Fireplaces

A natural stone fire pit or a cozy outdoor fireplace can become the centerpiece of your backyard retreat, particularly if you enjoy hosting get-togethers with friends and family. These are both wonderful hardscaping projects to consider for the winter. 

You can design your own fire feature, and there are a nice variety of ideas, plans, and even fire pit kits and fireplace kits available on the market. So whether you prefer propane or classic wood-burning fire pits, classy fire tables, or a good old fireplace there’s nothing quite like the natural element of fire to help you relax and enjoy some downtime.

Mind Your Maintenance

Maintaining hardscape features in the winter is relatively straightforward.

  1. Make sure your existing hardscapes, and especially any new hardscape projects you’ve done, are sealed properly before the snows begin.
  2. Ice melt products and de-icers should be used with care. Some products can cause damage, discoloration, or stain to your stone or concrete structures. Check out this article for some tips on Hardscape Friendly De-icers.
  3. Don’t use metal snow shovels. Plastic snow shovels help project your hardscape surfaces. Metal shovels may cause cracks and can dislodge pavers.
  4. When in doubt or unable to clean your own hardscape areas, you could hire a professional who can remove snow or de-ice your hardscape without damaging it or harming the environment.

Don’t Forget the Smaller Features

As you’re planning for your larger hardscape projects consider that other features like an arbor, a small pond or fountain, a stone bench, or even an artistic garden sculpture can provide that stylish accent or focal point in your yard, giving it that added touch of pizzazz.

Natural stone bench surrounded by flowers and plants in summertime

Schedule It Now

Regardless of how well a hardscape project is planned and executed, it may still damage some of the surrounding softscape greenery. Unfortunately, your lawn, shrubs, trees, and plants can be damaged while hardscape installations are being done. However, during the winter season, plants become dormant so they are less vulnerable to damage and intrusion.

Why not start planning and updating your landscape so you’ll be ready for spring? 

Give Heartland Landscape Group a call today at (573) 302-8866 or email us. We’re booking jobs now. Our friendly and professional staff will happily work with you to design the ideal hardscape and landscape for you.

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