Outdoor backyard patio, firepit, and landscaped space lit up at night at Sunrise Beach, MO

How Landscaping Sunrise Beach MO Homes Will Improve Their Value

Landscaping Sunrise Beach, MO lake homes will elevate the level of curb appeal which will increase your property value and draw in potential buyers when you’re ready to sell.  If you are thinking about putting your home on the market or just wanting to increase its value, this is an excellent tactic for doing so.  

However, not everyone is ready to list their home on the market just yet.  Many plan to live at the Lake of the Ozarks for a long time but want to make their home and outdoor living spaces both beautiful and comfortable.  

So, landscaping Sunrise Beach, MO property can mean anything from adding a new hardscape installation to just sprucing up outdated patio areas or overgrown gardens.  There are all kinds of amazing landscaping ideas readily available to help you with an outdoor makeover.  From simple gardens with a few native plants to pool or patio fire pits and water features.  Outdoor kitchens and outdoor LED lighting are also features that can add a “wow” factor to a home.

Add a nice patio.

While many think of landscaping simply as adding some decorative rock, plants, and landscaping beds, there are plenty of other things that you can do to your home to improve the outdoor living spaces.  Adding a nice patio can create an amazing living space that’s perfect for family time or for hosting guests.  

An outdoor patio can be relatively inexpensive to add as well, depending on the design.  To really enhance your home’s appeal, use your patio to extend some of the beauty of the interior of your home to your outdoor areas.  There are many options for this, from beautiful outdoor living room type furniture and accents to amazing outdoor kitchen designs.  Patio furniture has been greatly improved over the years and is both attractive and comfortable.  

For some of those cooler nights, you could add a stone fire pit with a seating area, or even some outdoor space heaters. A fire table is another great possibility for a cool weather fire feature and conversation piece to add to your Sunrise Beach landscape.

If you are considering landscaping for the simple purpose of adding more value to your home, then a nice outdoor patio is a great option.  Many people love to sit and enjoy the outdoors, even if they don’t plan to entertain.  This allows them to have an area of retreat and a private oasis.  

Nice backyard patio and pergola with flagstone stepping stones through a nicely mulched landscape.

Less Maintenance

Most patios are low maintenance, too.  Low maintenance options are great for those looking to sell their home, as more and more people desire easier upkeep.  

If you are thinking about landscaping a Sunrise Beach, MO lake home you should think about what you plan to do with the home and how much maintenance work you may want.  

If you are selling, then it is not about you, but about what others perceive as value.  If you want to create your own backyard oasis, then plan your hardscape and landscape design around what will bring you the most pleasure.

Include outdoor lighting in your landscaping plan.

Outdoor lighting is often an afterthought for people.  However, making it part of your design from the beginning can add a dramatic look and touch to your landscaping.  When you add lighting along a path or around the patio, you are creating an ambiance for the feature.  

There is lighting that will highlight the features of your home, or you can opt for lighting that offers a subtle glow.  Low energy lighting makes outdoor landscape lighting very affordable, as well. There are now LED lights that use very little energy and come in a variety of different brightness and tones.  

So, in your plans for landscaping a Sunrise Beach, MO home, you’ll want to remember to investigate and include outdoor lighting options in your design. 

Outdoor landscape lighting

Need privacy?

Do you have privacy issues with neighbors being a little too close for comfort?  Landscaping can help provide a sense of separation and privacy.  From putting up a stone garden wall or fence to making a green fence with plants, privacy can certainly be restored and enhanced with the proper landscaping.  

Are you tired of looking at that ugly pile in the neighbors’ yard?  Then block the view with landscaping.  Don’t want the neighbors watching you while you’re trying to relax and enjoy the outdoors? There are patio walls that can be added, as well, to further the privacy of your backyard area.

Add a walkway or front entryway to enhance your lake home landscape appeal.

Make your Sunrise Beach landscape feel warm and inviting by adding a paved walkway to your front door.  This walkway could be made of stamped concrete, decorative gravel, or attractive pavers.  Walkways should fit the style of the home.  

Then add some lighting along the path to further enhance the beauty.  If you currently have a walkway. but it is dirty and rather unappealing, you could hire a landscape contractor to get it cleaned up, replaced, or renovated to look better.  

Modern walkways add much more appeal than many of those from earlier decades.  Perhaps you like the look of cobblestone or brick.  A quick “landscaping near me” search will reveal that flagstone is a very popular choice for hardscaped paths and sidewalks at the lake of the Ozarks.

There are lots of options and alternatives to plain concrete for your walkways, garden paths, and entryway areas that are very affordable and appealing.

Trim back and add mulch for a huge landscape update without a lot of cost.

Are the plants and shrubs on your property simply overgrown?  Taking the time to get everything trimmed up properly can be hard for a homeowner, especially in these busy times.  However, it will make a huge improvement in the look of any home.  If you don’t have the time or the tools to maintain your own trees and shrubs, hire a landscaper to come out and take care of it for you.  You will be surprised at what a little trimming might do.  

While the landscape company is there, you may want to have them bring in some fresh mulch to give the place a quick and inexpensive facelift.  These are some very simple things that are quite cost-effective and will offer a major upgrade to the look of your home or business property.

Mulch is your friend in landscaping!  It helps keep your plants properly watered, it helps with weed and insect control, and it makes your property look cared for and nice.  Mulch is available in a variety of colors, textures, and compositions.  Be sure that you choose the best fit for the look of your home.  Some homes look great with black mulch, while others look better with red.  If you aren’t sure, grab a bag of both and put it down to look at what it looks like against your home.

A highly sustainable alternative to mulch is decorative gravel. Most people aren’t aware that gravels can work as well, and sometimes better, than mulch in your landscape beds and garden areas. Plus, they offer multiple color choices and are a lower maintenance option.

We’ve been landscaping Sunrise Beach, MO homes for decades!

We think that landscaping your Sunrise Beach, MO property or lake home should be fun!  Try out new paint colors and various plants, flowers, and shrubs.  Talk to a local landscape pro about boulders, water features, retaining walls, fire features, and various kinds of landscape rock options to complement your property.

But, be sure to take into account what level of maintenance you are willing to take on.  Some types of landscaping will require more maintenance than others.  Be sure that you invest in something that you can handle and enjoy.  

Some people enjoy gardening and planting, while others would rather sit on their patio and enjoy a nice drink with friends.  Be sure to plan your landscaping around how you want to use it.  If you prefer to trust it to the lake of the Ozarks’ most trusted landscaping company, please don’t hesitate to contact us!